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Friday, October 9, 2009

Shopping for Sexy Lingerie

I went shopping for lingerie today in nearby Moissac. No luck in the lingerie department, but I bought a pair of shoes and a very nice top. French clothing is very lovely. There is quite a bit more detail and workmanship and a stunning sense of style in the displays.
In the very first dressing room I went into, there was this sign next to a scarf.

"A scarf is here for your use with the things your are trying on." Scarves are integral here. How can you decide if you like what you are trying on without seeing it with a scarf?!
The whole afternoon was sweet. We went for "tea" which actually turned out to be hot chocolate and it was the best hot chocolate I've ever had. If I had to imagine the recipe, it would go like this: Melt the best chocolate in the universe and pour it into a cup. Add chantilly.
As sexy as lingerie. To me anyway.
But I am going to look for lingerie in Valence d'Agen on Tuesday. Wish me luck.

1 comment:

  1. Just want you to matter how many times I read these posts, they always lift my spirits and I begin to believe again.

    I love your blogging. I hope all is well!



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