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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Au Marché

This is what I bought at the local market this morning.
I wasn't so sure about doing my own cooking during a writer's residency. I thought I'd probably live on bread and cheese and maybe buy a quiche from the local bakery if I felt like living it up. But going to the market is a way to soak up the atmosphere. The stories I'm working on are set it France so who knows--a couple of my characters might sit down at a table and tear into a delicious fougasse (that's the pizza-like thing) topped with bacon and goat cheese. It might be useful to know that one usually buys beets already cooked in France or that paté can be purchased in une petite boule.
Going to the open air market here in Auvillar means walking and that's good for thinking which is good for writing.
Everything here seems to be good for writing. Last night after a dinner that lasted pretty close to five hours my brain felt full too--
and as layered as this artichoke (which I think was big as my head.)

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